HomesportsBeyond the Number: Exploring the Stories Behind Indian Cricket Players' Jersey Numbers

Beyond the Number: Exploring the Stories Behind Indian Cricket Players’ Jersey Numbers


Jersey numbers in cricket go beyond mere identification, often carrying personal significance for players. These numbers become a part of their cricketing journey, reflecting their aspirations, inspirations, and sometimes, even superstitions. In Indian cricket, players have chosen jersey numbers that hold special meaning to them, creating fascinating stories behind their selection. In this article, we delve into the captivating narratives and emotions behind the jersey numbers of Indian cricket players, highlighting the best jersey numbers in cricket and the stories that make them memorable.

#10 – Sachin Tendulkar: The Inspiration and Legacy

The number 10 in Indian cricket is synonymous with Sachin Tendulkar, a name that resonates with millions of fans worldwide. Tendulkar’s decision to wear the number 10 jersey was inspired by his idol, the legendary Brazilian footballer, Pele, who also wore the same number. Tendulkar’s jersey choice symbolized his aspiration to emulate Pele’s greatness in his own sport. Over the course of his career, Tendulkar not only lived up to the legacy of his idol but also created his own, becoming one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played the game.

#7 – MS Dhoni: A Symbol of Lucky Charm

The number 7 holds a special place in the heart of former Indian captain, MS Dhoni. Dhoni, a firm believer in superstitions, donned the number 7 jersey throughout his career. Legend has it that Dhoni considers the number 7 to be his lucky charm. His belief in the power of this number became even stronger after his daughter, Ziva, was born on the 7th of February. Under the captaincy of Dhoni, the Indian team achieved remarkable success, including winning the T20 World Cup in 2007 and the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. The number 7 has come to represent the fortune and success that accompanied Dhoni’s leadership.

#18 – Virat Kohli: A Tribute to His Late Father

For Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, the number 18 is not just a random choice but a deeply personal tribute. Kohli decided to wear the number 18 jersey as a way to honor his late father, who passed away on the 18th of December. The number 18 serves as a constant reminder of his father’s support and guidance throughout his cricketing journey. Kohli’s emotional connection with the number has fueled his drive and determination on the field, enabling him to achieve remarkable success and become one of the modern greats of the game.

#45 – Rohit Sharma: Symbolizing Resilience and Second Chances

Rohit Sharma, known for his elegant stroke play and ability to score big centuries, dons the number 45 on his jersey. This number represents his journey of resilience and second chances. In the early stages of his career, Rohit faced struggles and failures, but he didn’t give up. The number 45 was chosen as a reminder that every opportunity should be cherished and every setback can be overcome with perseverance. Rohit’s transformation from a talented but inconsistent player to one of the most successful openers in limited-overs cricket is a testament to his resilience and the significance of his chosen jersey number.


Beyond being mere identification, jersey numbers in cricket often hold deep personal meaning for players. In Indian cricket, the best jersey numbers, such as #10, #7, #18, and #45, have captivating stories behind them. Sachin Tendulkar found inspiration in his idol, Pele, while MS Dhoni’s belief in the power of the number 7 as his lucky charm became integral to his success. Virat Kohli’s choice of the number 18 serves as a touching tribute to his late father, and Rohit Sharma’s selection of the number 45 symbolizes resilience and the value of second chances. These stories add depth and emotion to the numbers on the jerseys of Indian cricket players, making their cricketing journeys even more memorable.



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