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‘Alone’ Season 9 Winner Dishes on Biggest Challenges and Advice for Future Competitors (EXCLUSIVE)

Spoiler alert: This article includes spoilers for the Alone Season nine finale.

The famous survival display Alone follows 10 contestants who’re dropped off in faraway components of the barren region with simply 10 objects in their choosing, dwelling in overall isolation with the hopes of outlasting their fellow competition for a danger to take home $500,000. But, scuffling with the elements, starvation, and their personal minds proves hard — even for those survival experts.

The Season nine finale of Alone noticed simply 3 contestants closing withinside the faraway barren region of Labrador, Canada. In the end, survival professional Juan Pablo Quiñonez became the very last contestant closing after seventy eight days. Distractify stuck up with the Season nine winner, who unfolded approximately the maximum hard thing of Alone, his recommendation for destiny competition, and greater.

Check out our Q&A below. (Editor’s note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

History Channel’s ‘Alone’ Season nine winner Juan Pablo Quiñonez talks hard factors and greater.

crazyheals : What do you experience became the maximum hard thing of Alone?


Juan Pablo Quiñonez: I do not recognise … I do not experience like I were given to the factor in which, like, I am truely, truely suffering. But I suppose that became due to the fact I simply organized mentally. I became simply so invested in it, that it is sort of like whilst you actually need some thing and whilst you’re truely into some thing, it is now no longer as difficult. Like, for instance, I desired to be a soldier and I did simple training. And for me, it wasn’t as difficult as it became sort of my dream. So that is the equal, like, it is usually been my dream to be out withinside the barren region. So yeah, it became difficult. It’s difficult to pinpoint one issue … being restrained to a chunk of land that became now no longer my choosing, that became mentally very difficult. … It became difficult for me to look the alternative facet of the river in which [there’s] greater daylight and plenty greater like accessibility to on foot and such things as that.

DFY: What do you believe you studied became the nice tactical selection which you made that can be helped your sport over a number of the alternative competition?

JPQ: The nice tactical selection … for me became now no longer like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna see what the land has to train me.’ For me, it became now no longer a non secular adventure due to the fact I’ve already had the ones journeys. It became greater approximately, OK, I’m simply gonna do it, provide it my all. I’m simply going to place as a good deal attempt as I can into it. But on the equal time, I became in no way connected to my plans. I became usually being excellentb bendy and adapting to the situation.

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DFY: Did you ever have any mind of tapping out that were not captured on camera?

JPQ: Before going in, I surely idea like, ‘OK, what takes place if I’m in a low moment?’ So even though I need to tap [out], I’m simply gonna wait 3 days and spot again, after the ones 3 days, see if I need to tap [out]. … Instead of bringing a picturegraph of my own circle of relatives or my giant other, I simply had a picturegraph of like, some youngsters suffering at some point of the Holocaust. So, I [had] my plans for that moment. But … it in no way ever even came about to me like, ‘Oh, can I? Can I pass on further? Or am I gonna tap [out]?’

DFY: Being keen on the display, became there some thing that amazed you approximately the project even as you had been engaging in Alone, that as a fan, you failed to always understand?

JPQ: What truely, truely amazed me is that as a viewer, you notice these types of human beings and it is humorous how, like, there may be sort of this issue that takes place [of saying], ‘Oh, I will try this and that and why isn’t always that man or woman doing this.’ And I actually suppose that that is additionally part of why human beings are engaged [with] the display. Because they need to provide their personal opinions. … But I found out that we simplest see this sort of small fraction of what takes place obtainable. So I am greater not likely to [now] make the ones comments. … It’s simply sudden how a good deal takes place obtainable that won’t make it to the display.

DFY: Can you describe the instant whilst you noticed your companion and found out which you won?

JPQ: You’re so attuned on your surroundings and your mind [is] gambling tricks. But the group might describe me as a hawk. Like, I might feel these types of things. So I sort of sensed that perhaps Jennifer became there. … I became seeking to manipulate myself and now no longer consider that [I’d just won]. There’s a lot stress due to the fact there may be these types of cameras and yeah, it took a moment [to realize I’d won] and I actually became a bit bit dehydrated that I did now no longer count on the clinical test to take place that day at all. So the whole thing became simply excellentb, excellentb sudden.

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DFY: After triumphing Alone, what might be your piece of recommendation for destiny contestants?

JPQ: My piece of recommendation might be, recognise what you need to get out of the experience, like truely, truely recognise why you are there. And have that like, very without difficulty accessible, for the moments whilst you’re suffering or the moments in which you’ve got got demanding situations which can be sudden or whatever, simply pass lower back to why you are there. And simply be actual to that.

You can now flow Alone Season nine on History. com.



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